Job Synopsis

Bridgestone approached Wagner to develop a nationwide staffing program. Wagner surpassed expectations and gained all of Bridgestone’s marketing and production staffing.

“We manufacture 3 million dozen golf balls per year, and trust Wagner for our staffing solutions.”

~ Dan Murphy Executive Vice President of Sales/Marketing
Job Synopsis

Ms. Rhodes had been in the job market for several months before coming to Wagner for placement assistance. Wagner found the perfect position for her in less than one week.

"I just have to say that Wagner Service Solutions is the only staffing agency that has actually taken an interest in me and has worked to find me employment. Thanks, Wagner, for your commitment to quality! I highly recommend Wagner!"

~ Ann Rhodes
Job Synopsis

In addition to a high demand for quality workers, Nisshinbo Automotive places safety and employee well-being first. Wagner developed a customized training and orientation program which prepares all workers before setting foot in the facility on Nisshinbo’s core values including safety.

“Thanks to Wagner and their staff for supporting our safety program. We appreciate their active participation in helping us achieve a safety milestone.”

~ Mike Giannetti Managing Director
Job Synopsis

Hettich, a German-based company, places the utmost importance on quality in design and production. Hettich replaced their long-term national staffing firm with Wagner in 2012. The level of customer service and attention their local Wagner office provides is a “breath of fresh air” according to their human resources staff.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Wagner’s staff and their dedication to delivering quality employees to our facility.”

~ Melinda Barnes Human Resources Manager

“Wagner combines world-class talent, resources, and capabilities with a boutique-sized level of customer service and attention. No two of our clients are just alike, and, as such, no two of our programs are just alike. Each is customized based on your unique goals and needs.”

~ Jeff Wagner CEO
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