At Wagner, the dedication of our professionals allows your organization to concentrate on core business results.  When we partner with you to provide quality staffing solutions, your management team has valuable time to focus on matters that are truly important, like increased productivity and profits!

INTEGRATED STAFFING: Whether you seek workforce flexibility throughout your organization, or are considering outsourcing the non-core positions and departments, Integrated Staffing from WSS helps you achieve your objectives!


  • A unique staffing program tailored exclusively to your needs
  • An on-site manager who is accountable to you every day
  • The superior flexibility of an outsourced workforce
  • The advantage of our continuous quality assurance system
  • The freedom to control your variable labor dollars

TEMPORARY STAFFING: Are you looking to add temporary employees for short term or indefinite projects? Do you want the ability to observe how temporary employees perform before you consider investing your primary resources in them? Then the WSS temporary staffing program is a perfect fit!

  • Audition potential core employees before committing resources
  • Manage your projects without worrying about employee issues
  • Eliminate costly seasonal fluctuations in core workforce competence
  • Create a buffer between your skilled employees and frequent layoffs

Professional Placement: To the dedicated team at WSS, your company is not just a number on a page.  And when you need professional placement, we know that our response time is critical.  That’s why our placement unit compiles a customized recruiting template especially for you!  We will actively seek out the necessary skills and motivations to ensure that our candidate will be not only qualified, but will be a good fit within your organizational culture!

  • A customized approach to recruiting  and selecting the right person
  • Our job fit motivational profile matches the candidate to your culture
  • With our 90 day guarantee, there is no risk to your bottom line
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