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Wagner Service Solutions has adopted a Privacy Policy that governs Wagner Service Solutions collection, use, sharing, retention, care and disposal of personal information and business information of users of this website.

Posting and Use of Non-Confidential Information

Except for personal information and confidential business information that is governed by our Privacy Policy, any communication or material you transmit to Wagner Service Solutions or other persons through this website or any other means of communication, such as a participation in a forum, blog or discussion group, is transmitted by you on a non-confidential basis. Wagner Service Solutions makes no promise, express or implied, not to use such communication or material for any purpose whatsoever, including commercialization of any ideas or information contained in such communication or the disclosure, reproduction, publication, broadcast and/or posting of such information, without any financial or other obligation to you.

Risks of Internet Communications

Users of this website understand that the Internet is a publicly accessible medium and that communications between users and Wagner Service Solutions over the Internet are inherently insecure, and may therefore be subject to the risk of being viewed by other parties. You accept all risks relating to any transmissions of information to Wagner Service Solutions over the Internet.

Third-Party Terms and Conditions

Wagner Service Solutions may provide links to other websites and other websites (including search engine and aggregator sites) may contain links to this website. Those other websites are not under Wagner Service Solutions control, and are subject to different terms and conditions than this website. Wagner Service Solutions accepts no responsibility for such terms and conditions, and recommends that all users of this website who click on a link to another website carefully review the terms and conditions of use, and privacy policy, relating to such website before interacting further with that website. In addition, third parties may develop or provide tools or other software applications or components, materials, data, content or other products or services for use with our products or services, some of which may be accessible on or via this website. Wagner Service Solutions makes no representation or warranty with respect to the quality, reliability or non-infringement of any third-party product, service or material accessible on or via this website. Your rights with respect to third party products, services or data may be subject to the terms and conditions of separate agreements with the third parties providing them.

Outbound Linking

This website may contain links to third-party websites. These links are provided solely as a convenience to you. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, they are not intended as a certification or endorsement of the owner of the website, the website’s content, or any products or services available on or via the website. Wagner Service Solutions does not control and is not responsible for linked websites, or any websites (other than our own) that are linked to them.

Inbound Linking, Framing, and Metatags

You may make referential links to any of the publicly accessible pages on this website that are not password protected, subject to review and termination by us at any time and for any reason. Please be aware that we continually update and revise our website. We do not accept responsibility for ensuring that any page to which you may provide a link will remain available or that its content will remain the same. You may not link to our website in any way that might lead others to believe that our website or any of its contents were created or are operated or offered by you or any party other than Wagner Service Solutions. Unless you have entered into a separate written agreement with us permitting you to do so, you may not frame or otherwise display any portion of our website or any of its contents, nor may you place any text or other content on your website, in a manner that states or implies that there is any association between you and Wagner Service Solutions. You may not use any of Wagner Service Solutions trade names, trademarks or any of the textual content of our website as metatags in your own website, unless we have granted you a license explicitly permitting you to do so.

Wagner Service Solutions Intellectual Property

Unless indicated otherwise, all contents of this website are the private property of Wagner Service Solutions and/or its licensors, affiliates and other content providers, including employers and job seekers who submit job openings or employment applications, and Wagner Service Solutions and such persons reserve all rights with respect to this website’s content. The contents of this website, including images, text, data, software, photographs, graphics, videos, music, sounds and other information, and the overall layout, look and feel of the website, are protected by copyright, trade secret, trademark and other applicable intellectual property or privacy laws. Such contents may not be distributed, downloaded, reproduced, copied, displayed, transmitted, modified, reused, removed, reposted, incorporated into derivative works or otherwise used except as provided herein without the express written permission of Wagner Service Solutions. Any other use, or any misuse, of such contents is prohibited contractually by these terms and conditions and may violate applicable copyright, trademark, communications and other intellectual property or privacy laws.

Trade and Service Mark Usage

Wagner Service Solutions and its brand names and logos are trademarks and service marks of Wagner Service Solutions (US) LLC. Use of Wagner Service Solutions trademarks and service marks is subject to the terms and conditions of our trademark usage policy, which may be obtained from us on request. Other trademarks, product names, company names and logos appearing on this website are the property of their respective owners. You must obtain permission from those owners before copying or using their trademarks, product names, company names or logos.

Website Intended for U.S. Users Only

This website is hosted and operated in the United States of America. Wagner Service Solutions makes no representation or warranty that the information or services on this website are appropriate or available for use in other locations, and access to this website from territories where its contents may be illegal is prohibited. Those who choose to access the Wagner Service Solutions website from other locations do so at their own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local laws.

No Warranties

This website and its contents are provided to you on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Wagner Service Solutions, and its directors, officers,employees, controlled or controlling entities, business partners, agents, third-party content providers, licensors and suppliers (collectively, “affiliates”),make no representations or warranties of any kind about this website or its contents, and they disclaim all warranties regarding this website and its contents, whether express, implied or statutory, including, without limitation, warranties of description, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy or completeness of content, or the availability or quality of any products or services available via this website.

Limitations on Types of Damages

Neither Wagner Service Solutions nor any other person involved in creating,producing or delivering this website will be liable for any incidental,consequential, indirect, special or punitive damages, loss of use, loss of data,loss caused by virus, loss of income or profit, loss of or damage to property,claims of third parties, or other losses of any kind or character, even if Wagner Service Solutions has been advised of the possibility of such damages or losses, arising out of user’s access, use or inability to use this website, or any errors or omissions in the services provided through this website or the other contents of this website.

Limitations on Amount of Liability

In no event will Wagner Service Solutions and its affiliates be liability with respect to all claims arising out of or related to your use of this website for more than five hundred U.S. dollars ($500), or, if such limitation on liability is unenforceable under applicable law, then their aggregate liability will be limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.


No delay or failure to take any action or exercise any right that Wagner Service Solutions may take or exercise pursuant to these terms and conditions or applicable law will constitute a waiver of that action or right by Wagner Service Solutions.


If any part of these terms and conditions is declared invalid or unenforceable by a court of competent jurisdiction, then such declaration will not affect the validity of any remaining portion of these terms and conditions and such remaining portion will remain in full force and effect as if the invalid portion had been eliminated.

Dispute Resolution

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the state of Georgia, United States of America. Users of this website consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of federal and state courts sitting in Georgia for the resolution of any and all legal disputes that may arise under these terms and conditions or with respect to this website or the information made available herein. Users waive any and all objections or defenses against such jurisdiction and venue and covenants not to bring any suit or other legal action against Wagner Service Solutions involving the foregoing in any other jurisdiction, venue or forum.

Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy for the Wagner Service Solutions website maintained by Wagner Service Solutions (US) LLC on behalf of Wagner Service Solutions and its other subsidiaries, affiliates and divisions and their respective successors and assigns (collectively, as used in this Privacy Policy, ” Wagner Service Solutions “).


The primary purposes of the Wagner Service Solutions website are:

• to provide employers who are existing or prospective clients of Wagner Service Solutions with an online tool and resources to post job openings and orders and with other relevant information; and

• to provide professionals who are seeking jobs with an online tool and resources to assess and evaluate available opportunities that may match their qualifications and preferences and to submit their resumes and other relevant information to apply for such positions. As a result of its purposes, use of this website facilitates and inherently involves the collection and exchange of valuable and sensitive information among employers, job seekers and Wagner Service Solutions. This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, sharing, retention, care and disposal of personal information by or on behalf of Wagner Service Solutions of or relating to:

• anonymous visitors to the Wagner Service Solutions website,

• persons who register as employers on the Wagner Service Solutions website,

• persons who register as job seekers on the Wagner Service Solutions website, and

• other individuals who may supply personal information to Wagner Service Solutions from time to time. By using this website, such persons expressly consent to this Privacy Policy. Users of this website who enter into any online communication or transaction with each other, such as a job seeker and employer, may have their own distinct privacy policy. Users assume responsibility for informing themselves of the privacy policies of such other users and making any user choices, including refraining from communicating with any user whose privacy policy they do not accept.

Wagner Service Solutions reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes will only be effective prospectively, and, with respect to any particular information of or relating to any person, Wagner Service Solutions will comply with this Privacy Policy as in effect at the time such information was supplied or obtained unless it obtains their consent for any other or different terms.

Information Collection

Wagner Service Solutions collects information from and regarding individuals in a variety of ways from a variety of sources. Wagner Service Solutions initially collects information from users of its website during their visits to the website. We may also collect information externally from this website, such as information regarding those job seekers who secure employment with or through Wagner Service Solutions and those employers who are or become clients of Wagner Service Solutions. This information enables us to profile the interests of employers and job seekers, post and solicit applications for job openings and orders and track the status of
pending openings. We also collect the information necessary to allow us to make and receive payments and effect other financial transactions with or concerning our client employers and our employees.We sometimes afford job seekers and employers an opportunity to provide us with specific additional information when they enroll on this website and complete their profile. This information helps us better serve job seekers and employers and includes their preferences and choices on various options.

Collection of Personal Data

Wagner Service Solutions collects personal data to operate effectively and to comply with government regulations (e.g., employment, tax, insurance). Wagner Service Solutions collects and maintains Personal data from its current and former employees, from individuals it may potentially employ or place for permanent or temporary employment with Wagner Service Solutions customers, from current and former contingent workers (including temps and other non-employees) of Wagner Service Solutions and at times,it may collect or be exposed to personal data from its customers or vendors. Through certain of the Wagner Service Solutions Web sites, Wagner Service Solutions collects personal data that is voluntarily provided by users when a user signs up for a Wagner Service Solutions job board account or other Wagner Service Solutions Web site that allows for users to set up an account or otherwise submit information for the purpose of searching for temporary or permanent employment opportunities, submits his or her resume for inclusion in an Wagner Service Solutions database or responds to a specific listed employment position.The information Wagner Service Solutions collects will be used only as described in this Privacy Statement and/or in the way we specify at the time of collection. We will not subsequently change the way your personal data is used without your consent. Some of the ways we may use your personal data include, but are not limited to:

• Provide the ability to contact you;

• Comply with human resource requirements;

• Comply with government regulations,

• Provide payroll and human resources functions, including employee benefits programs;

• Support recruitment inquiries;

• Facilitate the job search process and help us find you a suitable job match;

• Gauge the number of users and usage of the site;

• Store information about your preferences;

• Recognize you when you return;

• Provide information on goods and services requested or which may interest you;

• Conduct Wagner Service Solutions marketing, advertising and promotions;

• Notify you of events, surveys, workshops and training sessions run by Wagner Service Solutions; and

• Notify you about changes to our services.

Personal data about you may be included in the following:

• Resumes/Curricula vitae;

• Online submissions to Wagner Service Solutions job boards;

• Our interview notes;

• Information obtained through reference and background checks;

• Educational or professional accreditation records;

• Information necessary to provide payroll services, including banking details, tax deductions and vacation allowances;

• Information about you and your beneficiaries, as required, to enroll in any benefits packages;

• Reference letters; and

• Test results, including without limitation medical and fitness testing,psychological testing and drug and alcohol testing.

Wagner Service Solutions notifies all identified individuals about the purposes for which personal data is collected and used. In appropriate situations, however, personal data may be “anonymized” so that the identity of individuals cannot be known. In these cases, Wagner Service Solutions will not notify you regarding the purpose for which personal data is collected and used by Wagner Service Solutions.

Information Use

Wagner Service Solutions uses each registered job seeker’s personal information to administer the various services opted for by the job seeker and to make the job seeker aware of career opportunities and other developments from time to time. Among other uses, Wagner Service Solutions uses the information to identify an individual as a registered job seeker, to present potential employment opportunities to the job seeker, to present the job seeker to potential employers, and to report these transactions to the relevant job seeker. We also give each job seeker the option to receive certain targeted communications from time to time.

Information Sharing

With the job seeker’s permission, Wagner Service Solutions may submit the job seeker’s resume, application and/or other information to a prospective employer on the basis that such prospective employer will not disclose the fact that such job seeker is seeking employment or communicate with any other person regarding the contents of such job seeker’s resume or application except with the job seeker’s consent or otherwise in compliance with applicable labor and employment laws. Wagner Service Solutions may also from time to time submit the job seeker’s profile, with sufficient information removed so that the job seeker is not readily personally identifiable, to prospective employers to solicit their potential interest in him or her as a job candidate. Wagner Service Solutions may share a job seeker’s personal information with entities with whom it contracts to assist in administering the job board from time to time.We may also share a job seeker’s personal information with business partners to offer you goods, services and other incentives relating to the job board. We may also share your information with any successor or assign of all or the relevant part of our business, whether through a sale of our business, merger or otherwise.In all cases in which we share a job seeker’s personal information, we will seek contractual commitments from the party with whom we share such information to abide by the same terms and conditions as those applicable to us in this Privacy Policy regarding the use, sharing, retention, care and disposal of such information.

Information Security

Wagner Service Solutions restricts access to the personal information it collects to those who need to know that information to accomplish the purposes for which it is collected, used and shared. Wagner Service Solutions will keep your personal information as long as we believe we may need it, including storage for auditing and archival purposes. When we believe we no longer need such information, we will destroy or otherwise dispose of it in a manner intended to preserve your privacy and
security. We endeavor to use commercially reasonable security procedures and practices in the storage and destruction of your personal information to protect its security and integrity. If we discover that the security or integrity of your personal information has been compromised, then we will take appropriate steps to respond to the incident including, if appropriate, notifying you of the incident so you can in turn take whatever steps may be appropriate to protect yourself.

Accessing and Updating Your Profile

Job seekers may review and update, or remove, their job seeker profile directly from the website from time to time. You may also contact us and ask to see your job seeker profile and choices, and you may advise us of any changes or inaccuracies in such profile and choices and we will update or correct as appropriate.

Protecting Your Personal Information

Wagner Service Solutions is committed to protecting all personal information provided, such as, Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Cell/Mobile Number. Wagner Service Solutions will not sell your information to a third party vendor. You will have the option to Opt in and Opt out with every message you receive from us. If you become aware of any potentially fraudulent activity on our website or in an email or text, please contact Corporate at 770.385.0627 so that we can follow up. We take these matters,and the protection of our applicants/employees sensitive information, very seriously.

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